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Shimizu Chemical Corporation
Founded June 10, 1970
President Hideki Shimizu, Ph.D.
Head Office 4-5-1Kihara, Mihara-shi,
Hiroshima-ken, 729-0321, Japan
TEL: 0848-68-0371 FAX: 0848-68-0374
E-mail: gaiyou_email.png
Capital JPY 20,000,000
Main Banks Hiroshima Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Group Companies Shimizu manzo shoten K.K.
Shimizu Chemical industries, Co. Ltd,(Taiwan)
Business Outline manufacturing, marketing and the sales of Pure-grade Glucomannan
Konjac flour
Seaweed extract fiber (Active Fiber)
Variety of health food ingredients
Oriental herbs
Food plant-based food additives
Cosmetics and Quasi-drugs
Export Markets

Sweden , Finland , Norway , Denmark , Germany , United Kingdom , Belgium , Netherlands , France , Italy , Spain , Russia , Serbia, Turkey , Pakistan , India , Philippines , Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan , Korea , China , Peru , Venezuela , Brazil , Argentina , Chile , Columbia , United States , Canada , Mexico , Australia , New Zealand, others.

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