State of the Art Technology

Today, the world attention is focused on dietary fiber as an essential dietary nutrient, the essence that leads to a healthier life. This concept has been and continues to be confirmed in clinical trials around the world.
As the pioneer of dietary fiber research, Shimizu Chemical Corporation has been inspired by the importance of fiber as contained in Japan 's traditional diet from its very beginning. We have committed ourselves to the methodical research and development to illuminate various uses, from very basic to highly technical applications.
The result can be as a wide range of unique and functional food items which are low in calories, delicious to eat, and good for your health.

The traditional Japanese diet contains large quantities of dietary fiber. This is an important reason Japanese people tend to live longer than other people around the world. It is our goal at Shimizu Chemical Corporation to use technology as a means of transferring this healthy tradition to the world. Indeed, it is our corporate mission to serve mankind by proving healthy food which can be easily incorporated into your everyday diets and lifestyles.
This corporate ideal can only be achieved by our close cooperation with our business partners and pursue relentlessly the needs of our customers.

We are pleased to operate in strong partnership and trust with our customers in the effort to succeed by using our knowledge and expertise to create innovative products to deliver the health to the world.