75% high-concentration alcohol sanitizer spray: Strong Disinfection

500ml for home & office / 100ml for handy travel spray



75% alcohol for disinfection



for home & office



24 bottles/box


Strong disinfection with
75% concentrated alcohol





《When installing the spray head》

- AL75-500 is sealed with inner paper lid.
- The spray head can be attached without removing the paper lid.

75% alcohol for disinfection



handy spray




130 bottles/box



Strong disinfection with
75% concentrated alcohol

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≪Common for bottle type and spray type≫


■Product description
-Strongly sterilize with 75% alcohol.


-Easy to use whenever you want.


-No need to wipe or rinse after use.



Ethanol, water, sucrose octaacetylated


■Country of origin
Taiwan R.O.C. (Made in Taiwan)


■Shelf life (recommended by the manufacturer)
3 years


■Manufacturer Certification

ISO22716:2007 (Cosmetic GMP) certified manufacturer


■Attention of use
-It may cause irritation if it gets into your eyes.
-Do not use for anything other than intended purpose (DO NOT DRINK).
-Do not use near fire as it is flammable.
-Please use under well-ventilated surroundings.
-Do not place the product where children and pets can touch it.
-Avoid direct sunlight and do not place near fire or where the surface becomes hot.



*Shipping cost per case is 2310 yen (tax included). Unable to ship to Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands, as air shipment is prohibited.
*Please note that this is flammable material. Please follow local legal requirements upon purchase, delivery, and storage.
*If you have any questions, so please contact us.


■Contact information
Shimizu Chemical Co., Ltd.
4-5-1 Kihara, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima
729-0321 TEL: 090-8568-0371 /FAX: 0848-68-0374
URL: http://www.shimizuchemical.co.jp/
Mail: alcohol@shimizuchemical.co.jp

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